Institute for Latin American Studies, UNLV


Opened in 2004, the Institute for Latin American Studies promotes research and teaching on Latin America and the Caribbean.  The recent activities of the Institute have included:


Research Colloquium:  Faculty members from a variety of different universities have presented papers and lectures on the history, culture, and political economy of Latin America.


Graduate Student Awards:  The Institute has awarded fellowships and travel grants to graduate students from History, Anthropology, English, and Political Science to support graduate research on Latin America.


Grant Work:  In 2007-08, the Institute participated in a study of Latin American migrants that was funded by the Woodrow Wilson International for Scholars.  The project involved organizing roundtable discussions with community leaders, and research on civic engagement among associations of Latin Americans in southern Nevada.  A final report will be posted soon.




For more information, please contact:

John P. Tuman


Institute for Latin American Studies

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science