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Women's Studies Program

Lynn Comella, Assistant Professor, Acting Director

Anita Revilla, Associate Professor, Director

Danielle Roth-Johnson, Assistant Professor-in-Residence

Part-Time Instructors in Women's Studies:

Suzanne Becker, PhD Candidate

Janis Duncan, LCSW

Juan Espinoza-Cuellar, WMST Graduate Certificate Candidate

Colleen Hall-Patton, PhD

Sharon Hughes, MBA

Crystal Jackson, PhD

Jose Manuel Santillana, MA

Rebecca Zisch, MA

Participating Faculty in Women's Studies:
Jiemen Bao, PhD, Professor, Anthropology

Megan Becker-Leckrone, PhD, Assoc. Prof., English

Catherine Bellver, PhD, Dist. Prof., Foreign Language

Michael Bowers, PhD, Interim Executive Vice President & Provost

Barbara Brents, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Sociology

Tom Burkholder, PhD, Chair, Assoc. Prof., Communication Studies

Felicia Campbell, PhD, Professor, English

Erika Engstrom, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Communication Studies

Lynn Gajowski, PhD, Professor, English

Marcie Gallo, PhD, Asst. Prof., History

Joanne Goodwin, PhD, Assoc. Prof., History & Dir., Women’s Research Institute of Nevada

P. Jane Hafen, PhD, Professor, English

Patrice Hollrah, PhD, Director, Writing Center

Claudia Keelan, MFA, Professor, English

Jennifer Keene, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Sociology

Kathryn Korgan, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Sociology; Senior Associate Dean, Graduate College

Kelly Mays, PhD, Assoc. Prof., English

Ann McGinley, JD, William S. Boyd Professor, Law

Marta Meana, PhD, Professor, Psychology

Beth Mehocic, PhD, Professor, Dance

Elizabeth Nelson, PhD, Assoc. Prof., History

Peg Rees, PhD, Professor, Geosciences & Vice Provost for Educational Outreach

Beth Rosenberg, PhD, Assoc. Prof., English

Randall Shelden, PhD, Professor, Criminal Justice

Heidi Swank, PhD, Asst. Prof., Anthropology

Paul Traudt, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Journalism & Media

Michelle Tusan, PhD, Assoc. Prof., History

Elspeth Whitney, PhD, Assoc. Prof., History


Women's Studies is a relatively new field of study that seeks to correct institutional neglect, denial and devaluation of the study of women and gender in higher education. For students, this means learning how assumptions and policies regarding gender, race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality and other social dimensions shape the material conditions of men's and women's lives all over the world. The curriculum is designed to focus students on the relationship between feminist theories and women's activism throughout history. Women's Studies graduates are equipped to work in any field or profession where analysis and action are integrated.  Throughout history and in all known cultures, power has been distributed differentially (and unequally) according to gender. Certain men have traditionally determined what counts as "knowledge" and will, therefore, be reproduced and circulated as "truth." Women's Studies both critiques existing androcentric theories and methodologies, and seeks to reconstruct and reproduce knowledge to include the experience of the previously excluded. If two phrases can be said to sum up Women's Studies, they would be "the personal is political" and "knowledge is power." We seek to bring about change by questioning traditional constructions of power, by looking behind the curtain to observe who is advantaged and who is disadvantaged by the policies and institutions we all encounter every day.



Degree Requirements

English Composition - Total Credits: 6

English Literature - Total Credits: 3

Constitutions - Total Credits: 4

Mathematics - Total Credits: 3

Distribution Requirement (see advisor) Life and Physical Sciences and Analytical Thinking - Total Credits: 9-10

Multicultural and International

(see notes below)

     Fine Arts - Total Credits: 3

     Foreign Language/Foreign Culture - Total Credits: 6

     Humanities - Total Credits: 6

Additional Degree Requirements

    Fine Arts - Total Credits: 3

    Foreign Language/Foreign Culture - Total Credits: 6


    Social Science - Total Credits: 9

Women’s Studies Major Requirements - Total Credits: 37

Electives - Total Credits: 28-31

Total Credits: 120


  1. All Womens’s Studies course work must be completed with a grade of C or higher.
  2. Three credits of multicultural course work and three credits of international course work are required. Courses approved as satisfying these requirements may also satisfy a social sciences, fine arts, or humanities requirement.
  3. Students may satisfy up to six credits of the 21 required credits of WMST electives through study abroad. Only courses approved in advance by the chair of women’s studies or the undergraduate advisor may be used in fulfillment of requirements for the women’s studies major or minor.


Courses Include - Total Credits: 22

Women's Studies Courses

WMST 101 - Introduction to Women’s Studies
WMST 113 - Gender, Race and Class
WMST 247 - Philosophy and Women
WMST 275 - Introduction to Marriage and Family
WMST 297 - Special Topics
WMST 301 - Feminist Theory
WMST 302 - Feminist Research Methodology
WMST 308 - Anthropology of Women
WMST 380 - Women and Media
WMST 400 - Rhetoric of Women’s Rights
WMST 401J - Women in Politics
WMST 407 - Communication Between the Sexes
WMST 408 - Making Gender, Sexuality, and Race
WMST 411D - Constitutional Rights of Women
WMST 418 - Language and Gender
WMST 426 - Contemporary Asian American Families
WMST 427B - Gender and Literature
WMST 428 - Women and Crime
WMST 432A - History of American Women to 1870
WMST 432B - History of American Women, 1870 to the Present
WMST 440B - Gender and Early Literature
WMST 441B - Gender and Renaissance Literature
WMST 446B - Gender and Modern British Literature
WMST 448 - Gender and Social Interaction
WMST 449 - Sex and Social Arrangements
WMST 453 - Gender and Society
WMST 454B - Gender and Modern American Literature
WMST 467 - Psychology of Gender
WMST 471 - Sexuality, Literature, and the City
WMST 472 - Controversies in Gender and Race
WMST 473 - Chicana Feminism and Experience
WMST 474 - Gender, Sexuality, and Consumer Culture
WMST 475 - Gender, Development, and Globalization
WMST 476 - Feminism and Activism
WMST 477 - Critical Race Feminism
WMST 482 - Women in the Performing Arts
WMST 483 - Feminist Issues in the Popular Arts
WMST 488 - Bodies, Sex, and Health
WMST 490 - Special Topics
WMST 491A - Women in the Ancient World
WMST 491B - Women in Medieval Culture and Society
WMST 492A - Women in Early Modern Europe
WMST 492B - Women’s Role in European History, 1750-1970
WMST 495 - Special Topics in Gender and History
WMST 497 - Feminist Praxis
WMST 498 - Internship in Women’s Studies
WMST 499 - Independent Study

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