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Undergraduate Studies in World Languages & Cultures

Spanish Faculty and a student

Knowledge of a foreign language is of both practical and academic value in a world where international exchanges of goods and ideas is commonplace. By studying a foreign language, you will become more sensitive to the nature of grammar and language, and develop a deeper appreciation of your native language.


Advisors: Students who choose one of our majors or minors are encouraged to speak directly with the advisor for that concentration as soon as possible (see below). All majors and minors in World Languages and Cultures can be fully completed on campus at UNLV, with courses taken in the department.

Study Abroad: Students who wish to use credits from courses taken abroad toward one of the majors or minors are strongly encouraged to commence such study only AFTER completing through level 213 (French, German, Italian) or level 214-227 (Spanish) in the language on campus, as lower-level courses taken abroad do NOT count toward the majors or minors. To ensure proper credit toward a major or minor for credits taken abroad, students MUST consult with the relevant departmental advisor prior to their study abroad experience.

Departmental Advisors in the Languages, Majors, and Minors

Chinese Minor and Language: Prof. Bao
Classical Studies Minor: Prof. Natale
French Major, Minor, Language: Prof. Harp
German Language Levels 100-200: Dr. Callahan
German Major and Minor: Prof. Buechler
Greek: Prof. Natale
Italian: Prof. Natale
Japanese Undergraduate Language Levels 100-200: Instr. Fujiyama
Japanese Minor: Prof. Takemaru
Latin: Prof. Natale
Romance Languages: Prof. Natale
Spanish Undergraduate Language Levels 100-200: Dr. Negrón Rivera
Spanish Undergraduate Heritage Language 126, 226, 227: Prof. Galindo
Spanish Undergraduate Majors and Minors: Prof. Galindo
Spanish Graduate Programs: Prof. Jara

The Language Resource Center
The Language Resource Center (LRC) is an important resource for undergraduate students. The LRC is a computer and multimedia laboratory for students, faculty and staff.
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