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Spanish Faculty

Spanish is the second language of the United States, one of the three most widely spoken languages in the world, and one of the five diplomatic languages of the United Nations.

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers two distinct concentrations for students choosing a major in Spanish:

    1) The Spanish major with a concentration in literature and the literary arts. A student in this major will gain thorough linguistic proficiency, as well as in-depth knowledge of cultural and literary topics.

    2) The Spanish for the Professions major with a concentration in the professions. A student in this major will gain thorough linguistic proficiency, as well as in-depth knowledge of the use of Spanish for professional purposes.

Students majoring in Spanish or Spanish for the Professions choose from a broad array of courses, including study of literature, linguistics, cultural topics, translation and interpretation, courses encompassing history, philosophy, and art that draw on the literary and artistic production of the twenty Spanish-speaking countries in Europe and Latin America. Both Spanish major concentrations are excellent preparation for careers in international relations, communications, government, law, diplomacy, medicine, business, the arts, academics, journalism, and education.

In all respects, a Spanish major enhances career prospects: bilinguals are smarter (NY Times, March 17, 2012); they have superior social skills (NY Times, March 11, 2016); bilingualism sparks creativity (Psychology Today, May 24, 2014). A second language offers an advantage in the business world (U.S. News & World Report, Jan. 29, 2014), and is a plus in graduate/ medical/ law school applications.

Today’s global society demands individuals who can transcend linguistic and cultural barriers. With a major in Spanish, or in Spanish for the Professions, a student can do just that.