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36 credits in total, with the following distribution*

I. Two courses, SPAN 302 and SPAN 425 (for a total of 6 credits), are required of all Spanish majors. The remaining thirty credits are to be distributed as follows:

II. Language Prerequisites [up to nine credits]: Credit toward the major is granted for these courses, following specific placement determined by a departmental placement exam. The exam is free, and is given in the Language Resource Center (FDH 240)

    Non-heritage speakers: depending on placement exam results, students will take one, some, or all of the following courses: SPAN 213, SPAN 214, SPAN 301

    Heritage speakers: depending on placement exam results, students will take one or both of the following courses: SPAN 226, SPAN 227

Group III lists are for all students in the major, both heritage and non-heritage speakers.

III. Grammar and Composition [up to 12 credits]: SPAN 300, SPAN 302**, SPAN 401, SPAN 402

Literature [minimum of 12 credits]: SPAN 341, SPAN 342, SPAN 343, SPAN 344, SPAN 350, SPAN 450

Linguistics [minimum of 3 credits]: SPAN 304, SPAN 312, SPAN 410, SPAN 496, WLC 311, WLC 414, WLC 416, WLC 499

Culture and Civilization [minimum of 3 credits]: SPAN 425**

Spanish for the Professions [minimum of 3 credits]: SPAN 315, SPAN 317, SPAN 364, SPAN 365, SPAN 366, SPAN 367, SPAN 368, SPAN 369, SPAN 370, SPAN 412, SPAN 413

Electives in the major:
In consultation with the Spanish major advisor, students will determine how best to complete any remaining credits to reach the total of 36 credits. For example, students who place higher on the departmental placement exam will replace those credits with further upper-division courses.

*21 of the required 36 credits MUST be taken at UNLV, and 30 credits must be 300-400 level courses. Courses labeled topics [SPAN 350, 410, 425, 450] may be repeated for credit with a different topic.

**Required course for all students in the Spanish major