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Why Study Italian?
Italy and Italian culture have played a crucial role in the development of Western civilization and in the advancement of several fields, from art to architecture, from literature to music. Italian influence is still felt today in areas as diverse as design and cuisine, literature and cinema. The study of Italian culture is therefore a keystone of any humanistic curriculum, and of any well-rounded education for that matter.

The study of Italian language holds both scholarly and practical applications. Since Italian evolved from Latin, students of Italian indirectly gain a better understanding of their English language, as an estimated 60 percent of English vocabulary comes from Latin. Furthermore, Italian is the fourth most spoken foreign language in U.S. homes, and it is also spoken outside Italy in Switzerland, parts of Africa, South America and the Balkans. Finally, Italy is one of the seven most industrialized countries, and knowledge of Italian can be advantageous in a broad range of careers, such as international business, journalism, politics and tourism.

Study Abroad
The Turin program offers you a high-quality educational experience in three diverse academic areas: business, architecture and Italian studies. These programs are not exclusive of one another; you may choose courses from any area. Indeed, all students are required to take at least one course of Italian language.

The Turin program combines academic coursework with practical learning, tours, site visits and an integrated cultural experience. We will visit sites of artistic and historic interest, as well as some of the multi-national firms (automobile, spirits, and banking) headquartered in the area. Guest speakers from cultural centers and businesses are an integral part of the program. In addition to U.S. students, the Turin Program attracts students from throughout Europe, including an important contingent from Turin itself, making the classroom experience truly an international one.The combination of American and Italian professors provides a valuable dual perspective on Italy's culture and on the European and international business community.

Previous students have reported that the nine-month program was especially helpful in terms of language study and integration in the culture. However, you may apply to attend a fall or spring semester only.

For more information on the Turin program visit the site of the UNLV Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)